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Let our AROMATHERAPY SPRAYS lift your spirits as you step into a more centered space with the ancient transporting powers of aromatherapy.
We blend the highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils into meditative medleys that each sets a specific tone or mood.
Mist your bedding to promote sound sleep, find focus and find more creative solutions in the office, add a romantic touch to your closets or powder room, or mist a bit on your pulse points to carry an air of positivity with you as you face the day.

Choose Your Scent:

(bergamot, ylang ylang and jasmine)
A magical floral bouquet of beauty that is a delightful aphrodisiac. enhances joy and peace.

Sleep (lavender, chamomile, sandalwood)
Induces deep relaxation. great to spray on body and sheets before bed.

Good Juju
(sage, palo santo, frankincense)
A powerful herbaceous blend of energy shifters that clears negativity. great to use in a new home, after an argument, when feeling stuck, in need of some luck, on mattress or to enhance intuition.

(lemon, grapefruit, patchouli)
An aromatic elixir that is both citrusy and earthy, it lifts your spirits, revitalizes your disposition and hones your focus.

Enchant (lavender, geranium, amyris)
A lovely spring bouquet of florals blended together to create a delicate balance that helps diminish negativity and anxiety while promoting joy and relaxation. All three essential oils are calming and nourishing to the heart chakra and help enhance love, inspiration and healing.

Adore (bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine)
This magical floral blend is a delightful and potent aphrodisiac. The three together activate the senses and promote confidence, passion and euphoria.

Sensual (clary sage, neroli, cedarwood)
Clary sage calms the nerves, boosts euphoria and is an aphrodisiac. Neroli relaxes the mind, body and spirit yet enhances sensuality, reawakens passion and encourages confidence. Cedarwood enriches spirituality, stability and balance.

Exotic (sweet orange, clove, sandalwood)
The blend of sweet citrus with spicy and woodsy notes create a striking scent that fill the air with mystery and warmth.

price: $12.00

Availability: All aromatherapy goods are made to order and will ship in one week.
Product Code: AROMASPRAY

Choose Your Scent:

Product Details

  • Also available in a deluxe boxed set of four for $55.00. See “gifts” for more information.
  • Net 4 fl oz (118ml)
  • For external use only. Avoid spraying into eyes and if you are pregnant or nursing speak to your doctor first.
  • Every aromatherapy spray is custom made to order and non-refundable.
  • Ingredients: purified spring water, essential oils.
  • Made in Brooklyn.
  • Shipping is only $7.15 when purchasing one, two or three sprays.

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